YouTube Demos

I have found a number of videos that you may find interesting.  Some of these nice people have videos on other topics.  Check them out on YouTube.

Sarah with Tipper Kettle & Adaptive Cutting Board

Christian Pacifico Juicing Starfruit (Length 1:16)

Michael Cannon Peeling and Wedging Fruit (Length 2:38)

Jacqui Hynd Using Dycem Pads (Length 3:01)

Jacqui Hynd Zesting Fruit, Making Cookies (Length 2:30)

Brian S Redd Using Cordless Can Opener (Length 1:08)

Brian S Redd Using Rocker Steak Knife (Length 2:16)

Rosanna Radding Using Custom Cutting Board (Length 2:38)

Paula Teitge Cutting Raw Chicken (Length 4:01)

Paula Teitge Opening/Emptying Pop-Top Can (Length 4:16)

Complete Care Shop Demo (Length 2:29)