Cracking an Egg

Pick up an egg so that the pointed end points away from your palm and toward your index finger.  Control the rounded end with your ring finger.  Control the pointed end of the egg with your thumb and index finger.  Strike the egg on a flat surface, quickly move the egg over a pre-positioned bowl, and spread your fingers apart to separate the shell halves.  The eggshell is weakest at the widest diameter, and that is where it will crack.

Alternately, you can strike the egg on the rim of a bowl, but you will more likely break small pieces off the cracked edges than when you break the shell on a flat surface.  As a child, I was taught to use the rim of a bowl, but I’ve seen others use a flat surface and that technique seems to produce less shell flakes.  I don’t like fishing out pieces of shell, and you probably don’t either.  Striking the egg too hard, of course, produces a big mess!  Practice, practice, practice.  You will probably learn very quickly.

Separating an Egg

If you can crack an egg with one hand, all you need is a simple gadget to be able to separate the yolk from the white.  There are many styles available.  Even when I had the use of both hands, I used a gadget that hooks on the edge of the bowl.  The gadget would catch the egg yolk and allow the egg white to fall through slots in the gadget into the bowl.  It worked very well and I still use it when the occasion arises.  

Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg

The easiest way to get a perfectly peeled egg is to use the glass jar technique.  I have used 10 oz. (jelly jar) and 16 oz. (mayonnaise jar) containers with excellent results. The jar needs to be glass not only for visibility but also because the sides are hard and will crack an egg shell. You need to use a jar with a lid you can open and close with one hand. I have been able to rest the edge of my hand and little finger on the glass just below the lid and use my thumb and big finger (or index finger) to turn the lid. If you can’t manage this maneuver, you may have to use a hand substitute to hold the jar.

Here’s the technique:

  1. Drop a hard-boiled egg into the glass jar.
  2. Add water to about 1/2 inch deep.
  3. Seal the lid.
  4. Shake the jar vigorously until the shell has multiple cracks.
  5. Remove the lid, and pour the contents into a strainer or a shallow bowl.
  6. Lift the cracked shell off with your fingers.
  7. Rinse away any remaining shell pieces on the egg.

In my experiments, I found that plastic jars give and deform too much for effectively breaking the shell.  Too much water cushions the egg but a small amount of water helps separate the shell from the egg.  A large container is not as efficient as a small one.

Slicing an Egg

The easiest way to slice an egg is to use a gadget specifically made for this purpose.  I have seen advertising that suggests using this type gadget for slicing mushrooms.  I tried slicing raw mushrooms and was not happy because the mushrooms stretched the wires in the slicer, but the gadget works well with eggs.