Clean Up

Washing Your Hand

A nail brush with suction cups on the back allow you to place the brush at any desired angle and stick it to the side or bottom of the sink. With a little soap and water, you’ll be able to scrub your fingers and nails clean. After all, we do need clean hands and fingernails before handling food. To remove or reposition a suction cup, a simple trick is to insert a toothpick under each suction cup to break the seal and lift the brush away.

This kind of brush works well to scrub potatoes and other root vegetables. Just set the brush where water can flow over the bristles and scrub away.

If you don’t have a nail brush that works, the next best thing I have found for cleaning under the fingernails is a “disposable” toothbrush. A standard American kitchen sink has an oval slot in the center of the drain. Sink strainers have a center blade that sits through the slot to close the drain or sits perpendicular to the slot to open the drain. You can remove the strainer and place the straight handle of a flat toothbrush into the slot in the center of the kitchen sink. Apply some soap and scrub away. You may have to push the brush around to find a position that you can scrub against.

Hand-Washing Dishes

Have you chased a dirty mixing bowl around in a sink of sudsy water? I guess it’s kind of fun, but the mixing bowl doesn’t get very clean, does it? I found that putting the dirty bowl in an over-the-sink collapsible silicone colander holds it well enough to get it clean. The size and material contain dishes fairly well, whether you use the colander down in the sink or with the handles pulled out to hold it over the sink. I bought the colander when I had two useful hands, and my husband and I enjoyed the new technology. Now that I’m limited to one good hand, I don’t collapse the colander or the matching bowls for that matter. Pulling them back to full size is too difficult, but the equipment is useful without the collapsible feature. For something too big to fit in the colander, I have used a piece of grip-style shelf liner. Neither of these solutions are perfect, but they do help.

I also bought a fixture with suction cups on the bottom and bottle brushes sticking up. It’s intended for cleaning glasses and does a fine job for that. However, an automatic dishwasher does at least as well so I don’t find the brush especially useful.